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Luis Camacho

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Renown dancer and choreographer Luis Camacho made a name for himself in the New York City ballroom scene where he won several trophies at vogue balls in the mid-to-late 80s. The School of Performing Arts alumnus toured Japan where he showcased his dance moves at various clubs throughout the country as a member of the legendary House of Xtravaganza. He was in the pulse of dance, music, visual arts, nightlife, fashion, and community activism way before he caught the eye of superstar Madonna. 


The Queen of Pop was scouting for fresh and raw dance talent for her massive Blond Ambition World Tour. She hand-selected Camacho and fellow House of Xtravaganza dancer Jose Gutierez after she saw their moves via a video submission. The two young dancers were not only skilled voguers, but they were also classically trained dancers—qualities that were featured throughout her ground breaking tour.


Camacho was instrumental in teaching the Queen of Pop how to strike a pose. He was also influential in turning voguing into an international dance sensation through Madonna's platform. His double-jointed dance moves elevated the underground ballroom vogue scene into the mainstream dance craze we know today. 


Luis Camacho was first introduced to the world when he gave good face in Madonna's official video to support her smash hit song “Vogue.” His talent landed him a lead dancing position in the Blond Ambition Tour, which played at large arenas throughout North America, Europe and Asia. He played a hand in Music Television history when he choreographed and danced in Madonna's now infamous Marie Antoinette Vogue number for the 1990 MTV Video Awards. That same year Luis Camacho and Jose Gutierez were both recognized for their work in the Vogue video when they were nominated for a 1990 MTV Video Music Award for Best Choreography. His name and face would also gain further international recognition when he was featured in the documentary Truth or Dare, which gave a behind-the-scenes look at the Blond Ambition Tour. 


Shortly after the premier of Truth or Dare, Camacho was signed to a record deal as part of a recording duo known as "Jose & Luis" which would reunite him with Jose Gutierez. Their single "Queen’s English" was widely known on the dance floor and in the Billboard dance charts. 


Camacho did the talk show circuit where he spoke about his love for dance. He appeared in a Rock the Vote commercial. He was a featured actor and dancer in the motion picture "The Bird Cage" starring the late and legendary comedian Robin Williams, along with the great Nathan Lane. He was also in the third and final installment of the Austin Powers trilogy “Austin Powers in Goldmember” with Mike Myers in the title role. 


Camacho was back on the big screen in 2016 when he re-united with the dancers of Truth or Dare for the critically acclaimed documentary “Strike a Pose.” The documentary revealed the truth about life during the tour and followed up with the dancers 25 years later. It is a dramatic tale about overcoming shame and finding the courage to be who you are.


Camacho's main passion continues to be dance. For the past ten years, he has used his talents to give back to the community. He has either produced, choreographed or performed in a long list of charity events, and he contributes top-notch entertainment for several fundraising shows.


An event he holds dear is the annual “Best In Drag Show” fundraiser, which holds court at the historical Orpheum Theater in Downtown Los Angeles. He is both choreographer and performer at this charity event that raises nearly half a million dollars every year. The funds go directly to services provided by “Alliance for Housing and Healing.”  


Luis Camacho's new “Werque” Dance Fitness class brings his own flavor by fusing hip-hop jazz and vogue. The goal is to create a sense of liberation and excitement in a dance class setting while working up a sweat and getting a workout. Werque is a class for all ages and all dance levels. Camacho hopes his class will give people some self-confidence, and a little flair. He wants people to let their hair down, have some fun and feel fierce.


“Luis is beyond patient and helpful”


“He is so precise with his instruction. He really puts you through your paces. His class is an awesome workout and I felt pure bliss executing his original and unique choreography. Thank you for making me feel at home Luis- your technique is everything!.” - Patrick Beller
“Luis is a  trailblazer, a generous man, sharing his talent with so many in our community. He is an instrumental part of our show.  He's amazing to work with.” -- Jeffrey Drew, Director, Best In Drag Show





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